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Bhagat Plastic Bowls, Plastic Sweet Boxes and Food Containers Are Reusable, Recyclable & Safe To Use.

About Us

Keeping food safe and fresh is possible with Bhagat, most notable brand in the plastic industry. 

Bhagat Plastics is a respected company in Bardoli, Gujarat, India that has become popular by the name of Bhagat, which is its brand name, for presenting a superior line of food grade containers and boxes. Our company, as a manufacturer, is prioritizing quality production for bringing forth the best range of plastic items. 

Our premium quality collection encompassing Plastic Food Bowl, Round Plastic Food Container, Sweet Plastic Box, Transparent Food Containers, to name some plastic boxes and containers are ideal for safe storage of liquid, semi-liquid and solid food items. From snacks to sweets, curries to rice, all can be safely stored in our, freshness retaining, plastic based storage items. 

Overview of Our Business Operations

  • We produce reusable and recyclable boxes and bowls for safe packaging of food items.
  • We apply advanced manufacturing processes to produce a matchless quality array in the best quantity.
  • We examine every produced product on the basis of its finish and design and further make delivery, keeping promptness in our actions.

Our Inspiration

Food preservation and the culture of take away food inspired the foundation of Bhagat Plastics. We stepped with our innovative plastic products collection in the Indian industry in the year 2015 realizing the need and urgency of optimum quality and food grade plastic products. In a very minimal time, we attracted many customers towards our brand, Bhagat and helped store and fresh keep food items in a perfect manner. 

Bhagat Plastic Items in Variety 

It is the factor of variety that has been taking us to the higher level in the industry. We, since beginning, have been introducing Plastic Food Bowl, Sweet Plastic Box, etc., in a large variety of designs, shapes, sizes and finishes to cater to needs of different buyers. We have a smart team, which uses precision engineered dies for producing Food Containers in different quantities like 25 ml, 50 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and more, Plastic Boxes in 200 ml, 600 ml and more. Not only limited to quantity, we are introducing transparent, white and black color of plastic boxes with easy to open lids. 

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